February, 2018

Rollover funds will become available after the end of your current plan year run-out period and the denial grace period has passed. Any claims that have not been reimbursed during the current plan year due to insufficient funds will be processed after the rollover funds become available. Please refer to your plan highlights for details regarding your run-out period and denial grace period.

You are able to roll over $500.00 from one year to the next and it is only for medical.  You have to use the full amount from January through December of the following year.  Also, if you chose not to participate in an FSA the year following, you are still able to use the rollover amount.  For instance, you take $1000.00 in 201 7.  You only use $500.00 and you do or do not participate in FSA in 2018.  You are still able to use the remaining balance from 2017 of $500.00 in 2018.

Sample Chart of Over-the-Counter (OTC) Items